When it occurred to me to sing a tribute to Mom for her homecoming, it had to be this song. Little did I know (digging through the video archives of my mother's life) how appropriate it would be. And how healing it would be for me and (hopefully) my family.

A Piece of My Heart

I've never really been one for accessories, so having this scapular was odd at first. I always felt it rubbing against my neck. But then as with anything that you have with you at all times, I became accustomed to it. I'd even scent it with lavender oil so in times of anxiety, I could simply smell it to sort of destress. In its way, it became a comfort - a constant reminder of my connection with Mom. Again, she gave it with her whole heart and I accepted it similarly.

#BecauseOfArtsEd 2020 – The first teacher to trust me with a role

In honor of #ArtsEducationWeek, I'm taking a look back at some of the teachers who have impacted my life and at some of the students I've had the honor of teaching. It's actually really serendipitous that the man I chose to remember in this post today is also celebrating his birthday. Phil Randall. One of …