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Young Americans (Portland Center Stage/Pittsburgh Public Theatre)

“Bernardo especially, moves seamlessly between young and old Joe, making a character who could seem controlling and cowardly, instead hilarious, sympathetic and complex…Bernardo’s talent alone is reason enough to see this show.” –Meg Asby, PDX Parent

Danny Bernardo‘s mix of nerdy enthusiasm and continual flop sweat calls to mind Randall Park’s similarly adorkable squirminess; somebody give Bernardo double props for playing Joe’s two eras with such distinctly separate body language and vocal inflections.” – Greg Kerestan, Broadway World (Pittsburgh)

“Ebullient, stubborn, and often playful, Danny Bernardo, as Joe…seamlessly transitions between timelines… His dad-ness, often a source of the play’s biggest laughs, encompasses many of the particularities of being an immigrant dad, but he’s also an every-dad, bound to strike a universal chord.” – Jordana Rosenfeld, Pittsburgh City Paper

“Bernardo is on stage almost the entire play, alternating between the different ages of Joe – all he does is put on or remove his glasses and jacket, and yet somehow every time the lights came up I felt like I was looking at a different person.” – Krista Garver, BroadwayWorld (Portland)

“…the indefatigable Danny Bernardo…carries much of the weight of Young Americans in a consistently high-energy performance, transforming simply by wearing or removing eyeglasses and a jacket.” – Sharon Ebberson, OnStage Pittsburgh

“This cast is strong. Danny Bernardo captures how Joe’s controlling instincts cover insecurity and an instinct to conform” – Darleen Ortega, Oregon Arts Watch

“Bernardo is excellent as Joe, portraying him as a timid, talkative young man in his youth to a devoted father twenty years later.  He is more physical and expressive in his later years and his comedic timing is spot on.” – Claire DeMarco, Burgh Vivant

“Sometimes one character steals the show. In Young Americans, that character is Joe. Danny Bernardo plays the character…He is worth the price of admission alone.” – Kristopher Haines, The Crippled Critic

Mamma Mia (McCoy Rigby/La Mirada Theatre)“Danny Bernardo also dispatches commendable support as the sweet-natured (albiet somewhat befuddled) Brit Businessman, ‘Harry Bright’. With a convincingly accurate English accent and likeable personality, he too brings a remarkable sincerity and authenticity to his role…he is the power behind one of the scores’ more stirring (not to mention, unforgettable,) intermezzos, the lush and lovely ‘Our Last Summer’.” – Leo Buck, Bucking Trends

IMG_0348Mamma Mia! (East West Players)

“Danny Bernardo creates a loving relationship with Donna as the charismatic Harry Bright…”
-Gil Kaan, BroadwayWorld

“Bernardo’s…Harry proves a particularly refreshing surprise”
-Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

“Danny Bernardo is adorable as all get out as former best pal and one time lover, Harry…”
– Alisa Hayashida, South Pasadenan



Urinetown the Musical (Coeurage Theatre Company)

“[the] indefatigable triple-threat featured ensemble…shine[s] as brightly as its stars, each one creating a finely delineated character gem, from Ethan Barker’s Robby The Stockfish…to Danny Bernardo’s Old Man Strong and Hot Blades Harry…” -Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA



season on the lineSeason on the Line (The House Theatre of Chicago)

RECOMMENDED! “The multi-talented Danny Bernardo is charming, graceful, and funny as Kaku” -Nancy Bishop, Gaper’s Block

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! “Danny Bernardo brings humor and energy to the actor who swells the scenes and works overtime to maintain the fun.” -Kerstin Broockmann, Chicago Stage Standard

Scooter Thomas

Scooter Thomas Makes it to the Top of the World (Team Venture Productions)

RECOMMENDED! “A terrific opportunity to watch two highly likable and energetic Chicago actors, Danny Bernardo and Jacob A. Ware practicing their craft. Their camaraderie is highly charged and intense, both physically and emotionally and both actors reveal an impressive range while staying honest to the moments of the piece.’s a nice opportunity to see two young Chicago bucks flex their acting muscles.” –Joe Stead, Steadstyle Chicago

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! The show is most poignant when Scooter and Dennis, young blood brothers, plot on a secret cliff. Though actors Danny Bernardo and Jacob Ware play out this memory atop a shaky twin bed, I found myself fearing for their characters, teetering on the precipice of their lethal immaturity.” –Marissa Oberlander, Chicago Reader

Pacific Overtures

Pacific Overtures (Porchlight Music Theatre)

“There are some real riches in this cast..The moment I most enjoyed at Friday nights show was A Bowler Hat, performed by a young actor named Danny Bernardo (whom I last saw as Aladdin at Emerald City and who is surely on his way up).” –Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“The story unfolds passionately through the eyes of two characters: a traditional samurai, played with understated finesse by Danny Bernardo, and Kent Haina, Jr. as a meek fisherman who evolves into a fierce anti-American warrior.” –Colin Douglas, Centerstage Chicago

“The cast is likeable and dedicated…exceptional performances by Danny Bernardo, as Kayama Yesaemon, and David Rhee, as The Reciter. Bernardo is warm and accessible, wonderfully portraying the transformation from simple citizen to corrupted bureaucrat.” –Venus Zarris, Chicago Stage Review


5th of July (Oak Park Festival Theater)

“Director Michael Weber has done a great job of building on Wilson’s strengths, packing this production with fine actors who know how to plumb the script’s depths. Danny Bernardo and Rebekah Ward-Hays are particularly good at this, playing a main character’s patient, long-suffering lover and a druggy demi-celebrity who learns to stand up for herself.” –Jack Helbig, Chicago Reader

“Danny Bernardo is a serene Jed, his devoted horticulturist lover who nurtures Ken as lovingly as he does his plants… 5th of July is an ensemble work, and the entire cast is dynamic.” –Doug Deuchler, Oak Park Wednesday Journal

The Piano Tuner

The Piano Tuner (Lifeline Theatre)

“Deftly shape-shifting as dozens of other exotic characters are Shole Milos, Yosh Hayashi, Eric Martig and Danny Bernardo.” –Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

“Eric Martig and Danny Bernardo prove to be physical chameleons. Their various postures and changes in corporal presence are crucial in the audiences understanding of social class and importance in this distant land.” –A. Sic, Buzz Magazine


I SingI Sing! (White Horse Theatre Company)

“Danny Bernardo wins empathetic laughs as the likable, probably-gay Charlie.” –John Olson, Talking Broadway

“Danny Bernardo manages to find complex emotions in even vapid songs. Feder and Bernardo’s reenactment of their characters’ performances at an overnight camp brought down the house.” –Jennifer Vanasco, Chicago Reader



Disney’s Aladdin TYA (Emerald City Players)

“The warmly approachable Danny Bernardo captured the title character’s sense of play.” –Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

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