Interviews Joan Almedilla, AJ Rafael, Jules Aurora among Fil-Am cast of East West Players’ “Mamma Mia!”  (May 2019)
“What East West is really great about is bringing all the Asian cultures together, so it’s very much told through the Asian American experience. All of the choices Snehal made show that you don’t have to change any of the text,” Bernardo said. “‘Thank you for the Music’ is one of my favorite numbers as the message of the song is so beautiful. It shows the importance of art in your life. I learned how to play guitar for this song, so…”  (read more here)

LA Downtown News: Here We Go Again: East West Players Puts an Asian-American Spin on the ABBA Musical ‘Mamma Mia! (May 2019)
That comes into play in Mamma Mia! for Danny Bernardo, who tackles the role of Harry, one of the three potential fathers. The show gives him an opportunity to play an Asian British man. “To be Asian American is one thing, but to be Asian in England is a completely different thing,” Bernardo said. “There are just these great things that we get to examine as an actor of Asian descent…” (read more here)

We Are Moving Stories: Jerky (May 2017)
“My big mission statement in my work is diversity and inclusion on-and-off camera. It’s the main mission statement for Twelve 3 Productions. I’m very proud that our debut project Jerky lives up to that. By the numbers…” (read more here)

Inquirer.Net: Fil-Am Film on love, loss, and a dog makes it to Cannes (April 2017)
“It was a labor of love for all of us,” Bernardo says. “We hope that this film presents a time in life that many of us are sadly familiar with, in a way that is truthful, cathartic, and uplifting.” (read more here)

A Chatter of Fact Podcast interview (April 2014) – listen here.

Vocalo: MAHAL – A Story About All of Us (July 2013) – listen here.

Chicago Sun-Times: Taking the Stage – Danny Bernardo’s Bow (July 2013)
“But it’s not a coincidence that once I embraced what made me ‘different’, I came up with a story that people wanted to see, a story that they saw themselves in…” (read more here)

Windy City Times: SCOTTISH PLAY SCOTT Danny Bernardo works through identity issues, loss of father (June 2013)
“As a kid, I always dreamed that I’d be able to find a way to marry my cultural experience with my theatrical life,” said Bernardo (read more here)

Showbiz Chicago Podcast interview (July 2013) – listen here.




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