We Are Moving Stories: Jerky (May 2017)
“My big mission statement in my work is diversity and inclusion on-and-off camera. It’s the main mission statement for Twelve 3 Productions. I’m very proud that our debut project Jerky lives up to that. By the numbers…” (read more here)

Inquirer.Net: Fil-Am Film on love, loss, and a dog makes it to Cannes (April 2017)
“It was a labor of love for all of us,” Bernardo says. “We hope that this film presents a time in life that many of us are sadly familiar with, in a way that is truthful, cathartic, and uplifting.” (read more here)

A Chatter of Fact Podcast interview (April 2014) – listen here.

Vocalo: MAHAL – A Story About All of Us (July 2013) – listen here.

Chicago Sun-Times: Taking the Stage – Danny Bernardo’s Bow (July 2013)
“But it’s not a coincidence that once I embraced what made me ‘different’, I came up with a story that people wanted to see, a story that they saw themselves in…” (read more here)

Windy City Times: SCOTTISH PLAY SCOTT Danny Bernardo works through identity issues, loss of father (June 2013)
“As a kid, I always dreamed that I’d be able to find a way to marry my cultural experience with my theatrical life,” said Bernardo (read more here)

Showbiz Chicago Podcast interview (July 2013) – listen here.