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Mahal Poster

Mahal (Bailiwick Chicago)

RECOMMENDED! “The script unlocks the right combination of fast-moving farce and family drama, and provides a rare look into Filipino culture” -Lisa Buscani, NewCity

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! “Playwright Bernardo’s close connection to his material makes for a more complex journey to reconciliation than typically encountered in plays of this genre…Dialogue ranging in tone from Norman Lear to Arthur Miller” -Mary Shen Barnidge, Windy City Times

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! “Danny Bernardo’s first play succeeds as a heartfelt tribute to his culture” -Eric Tengler, Chicago Stage Review

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! “Bernardo captivates with an intricate expose on a family dealing and not dealing with each other.  The dialogue crackles with humor.” -Katy Walsh, Chicago Now

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